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Recipes for the stupid, recipes for the busy, recipes for the poor, recipes for everyone!
This page is for the folks out there who are either too busy to have a decent meal, or just the average poor student trying to save every itty bit of moolah by eating 2-minute noodles all the time. Well, I was a poor student in university once before and I’m currently a busy working professional but I did not have to eat 2-minute noodles or eat out all the time! WHY deprive yourself of the goodness of home-cooked meals when you can actually whip it up yourself and it won’t cost you an arm or foot?


Easy Hearty and Healthy Beef and Vegetable Soup

this dish is just perfect for those cold winter nights

Easy Hearty and Healthy Beef and Vegetable Soup

tools: Chopping board, knife, large pot

500g Stewing Beef
1 large onion diced
2 carrots diced
2 sticks celery diced
1 cup of frozen peas (optional)
1 400g can of diced tomatoes
1 400g can of cannelli beans or 4 Mixed beans
1/2 cup of pasta (i used macaroni)
2 beef stock cubes
4 cups of Water
25g butter or 2 TBS oil

  1. Sautee onion in oil/butter in medium heat till soft (almost transparent)
  2. Add the beef and stir around till it turns brown (approx 5 mins)
  3. Add the carrots and celery, fry for 5 mins
  4. Pour in diced tomatoes and water, add in stock cubes
  5. cover the pot, turn heat down to Low and let it simmer for 1 hour.
  6. Add in the peas, beans and pasta
  7. Add more water if desired
  8. Cover and Boil for another hour
  9. Done!

You can always substitute the stewing beef with oxtail to make a really rich yummy soup (use 1 beef stock cube instead of 2)!

Simple Beetroot Dip with Cashews and Horse-radish

this dip is really really yummy and easy to make! 1 step is all it takes!
it's very much up to you which consistency you prefer as some would like it really chunky, and some smooth.
Simple Beetroot Dip with Cashews and Horse-radish

Level: Novice
Tools: food processor
1 450g can of beetroot (sweet sliced beetroot)
100g unsalted Cashews (does not matter if roasted or not)
1 TBS horse-radish
1 TBS grated parmasean cheese
1 TBS oil
1/2 TBS lemon juice
1/2 TBS vinegar

Blend all ingredients together in food processor.
Serve with carrot/celery sticks, crackers or wafer thins!